Fortnite: Wastelander Magneto Quest Guide & Overview

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Fortnite just showed off the latest entry to the latest season’s Battle Pass, and it is none other than the charismatic metal man from the X-Men himself, Magneto. And this time he’s got on a matching outfit with this season’s ‘Wrecked’ theme, with the Wastelander Magneto Fortnite fit. 

And if you’re a fan of Marvel and the legend Magneto himself, you’re just a few steps away from unlocking his new outfit. So today, we’re looking at everything new with the Wastelander Magneto Fortnite outfit from how to unlock it, to a Quest guide, and some of the other new stuff in the game.

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How to Unlock the Fortnite Wastelander Magneto Outfit?

The good news is if you’ve already purchased the Wrecked Battle Pass, you’ll be able to unlock the new Wastelander Magento outfit. But this requires spending 950 V-Bucks if you haven’t already. 

If you have the latest Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass, then all that’s left to do is complete any of the three Page 1 Magneto Quests and you’ll unlock the base version of the Wastelander Magneto Fortnite outfit. 

Check our breakdown below to find out the details of the Magento Quets and how to complete them. 

Wastelander Magneto Fortnite Quest Guide

Here’s a quick overview of both Pages of the Magento’s Quests in the Battle Pass and the subsequent rewards and accessories you can unlock. For context, completing any three of the Page 1 Quests will unlock the Page 2 Quests.

Another thing to note is that the Wastelander Magneto outfit lets you remove Magneto’s helmet or put on a face plate in the Locker option so it’s a great outfit to unlock if you enjoy customizing your characters. 

Page 1 Fortnite Magneto’s Quests & Rewards

  • Hit 10 Vehicles w/ the Magneto Gauntlets – Unlocks ‘Wastelander Magneto’ Banner Icon
  • Visit ‘Weapon X Lab’ Location – Unlocks Knock, Knock, CLANG Loading Screen
  • Collect Magneto Gauntlets 1x Time – Unlocks Magneto’s Grasp Spray
  • Travel 300 Units in the Air w/ Magneto Gauntlets Equipped – Unlocks Magnetized Scrap Pickaxe

Page 2 Fortnite Magneto’s Quests & Rewards

In addition to the Quests and subsequent rewards, if you complete any three of the Page 2 Quests, you’ll also unlock the standard ‘Magneto’ Style of the Wastelander Magneto Outfit.

  • Eliminate 5 opponents with Magneto Gauntlets –  Unlocks Crushed GG Emoticon
  • Block 200 hits using Magneto Gauntlets for defense – Unlocks Magnetic Steps Glider
  • Do 2,000 damage to opponents from one story above or higher – Unlocks the Diassemble Emote
  • Configure 3 Rift Beacons – Unlocks Magnetism Master Wrap 

Shred Your Foes w/ the Magneto Gauntlets

Lastly, with Wastelander Magneto entering the fray, players can also try out the ‘Magneto Gauntlets’ to complete the cosplay. The Magneto Gauntlets will spawn in chests or on the ground in the Battle Royale mode and since you need it to complete a majority of the Quests, it’s best to hunt em’ down quick!

With the Fortnite Magneto Gauntlets, you can collect shards of metal which you can mercilessly launch at foes to obliterate them. But if you’re pressed by the enemy, you can also use the summoned metal shards to pull up a shield!

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